Glen of Imaal Terrier Club of America Home Page
Granitfield ~ Tom & Eithne Cleary ~ Ireland
Liberty's Page ~ Ara Lynn ~ NH, USA
Enthusiasts & Fanciers of the Glen ~ England
Pascal Tyndall's Site ~ Netherlands
Kennel McCormac Homepage ~ Christina Morgensen ~ Denmark
Kennel Bilbo's ~ Kate Bentzen  ~ Denmark
Miimoksen's site ~ Finland
Ed Rudolph's page ~ San Francisco, CA, USA
Powheiri ~ Jack Wright & Holly Best ~ Balitmore, MD, USA
Glentyr ~ Mary & Julian Brytowski ~ USA
K9Web ~ Glen of Imaal FAQ ~ USA 
Glen of Imaals in Finland
The Glen Quarter ~ UK
The Glen of Imaal Terrier ~ Germany
Von Der Eidertalwiese ~ Dagmar & Hans Uhlenfeldt ~ Germany
Glen of Imaal ~ Danish Terrier Club
The Irish Kennel Club
Glen Services
Briar Hill's Glens ~ Kathy Georgianna ~ Willaimsburg, MA ~ USA
Kennel Glenlough ~Hildbjørg & Jan T Grønli ~Norway
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